If you have SolidWorks® Subscription Support, you can download FREE Merry’s (plus libraries by others) comprehensive Piping (Routing) library of pipes, flanges and fittings (welded and threaded) from within SolidWorks® Subscription site.  You must already be logged in to your ‘Customer Portal’ on the SolidWorks website for this link to work as follows:

  1. In the task pane, select ‘Design Library’. If you cannot see the task pane, go to ‘View’, select ‘Task Pane’ or ‘View’ then ‘Toolbars’ and select ‘Task Pane’ from the dialogue box.
  2. In the Design Library, select ‘SolidWorks Content’ and you will see ‘Blocks’, ‘Circuitworks’, ‘Routing’ and ‘Weldments’.
  3. Expand the Routing Directory and select ANSI-ASTM metric B16.11-A234 Australian BSI PIN MISC or Various Metric Fitting.
  4. Select the required file in the pane below and a tip will show asking you press the control key and right mouse button at the same time to start the download.

Quadro Design also has some other SolidWorks Libraries available for sale:

Download a pictorial catalogue of the FREE Piping Library Catalogue.