Training Capabilities

Since 2004 we have undertaken in excess of 3000 projects for a large variety of clients, including some very large projects, such as:

  • Design & detail drafting of the Koolan Island primary & secondary crushing plant.
  • Model the entire Berths C & D wharf (including the sea bed) – 1.6km long – this was to assist a company (Syntect) that had just purchased SolidWorks but did not have the skills or resources to undertake it on their own.
  • Model and detail drafting of a large scale pilot plant for Worsley Alumina. Again to assist a company (CTE) that lacked the in house SolidWorks skills and resources to handle it on their own – this project had kilometres of piping.
  • Detail Modelling & drafting of a ship-borne flexible pipework deployment system for SWG. The major design was carried out by SWG and we fleshed out details such as ladders, platforms, mounting items, etc, plus fabrication details & drawings.
  • Rubber lining system for 20 new sumps, hoppers & chutes for Prominent Hill, our client was Losugen.
  • Development of a revolutionary ‘linerless’ chute design & skirt system for the Iron ore and Gold mining sectors.
  • We have recently completed the comprehensive detailing of steelwork and cladding for an existing structure for Downer EDI of Kalgoorlie.

SolidWorks® Business Integration