About Us

Quadro Design Pty Ltd was formed in April 2004 with a partnership between Jack de Blank (3D Innovations) and Merry Owen (Mako Engineering). In July 2007 Rodney Dietsch, a founding member of the Quadro team, became a Junior Partner in Quadro Design. Jack, Rod and the team provide a wealth of varied and specialist skills.

Jack de Blank | Director

Jack specialises in materials handling, crusher and mill wear liner design, modification to existing mining equipment, reverse engineering, design conceptualisation and advanced SolidWorks® skills.

He is a mechanical design Draftsman working in mainly machine design and materials handling. He started his working life as a ‘drafty’ and worked in mainly machine design and materials handling, but took a break for 15 years and became a registered builder, running his own company.

Jack started using SolidWorks in 1996 (as 3D Innovations), and from his first job, started pushing the boundaries of the software’s capabilities. Again this was mainly in the area of machine design & materials handling, with his main client being Bradken & later Growth Asia for wear liners & mill design.

Jack was instrumental in the creation of the WA SolidWorks User Group in 1998, which was later taken over and administered by Intercad. Jack & Merry have given a number of presentations to the user group over the years, and still continue to do so.

Rodney Dietsch | Office Manager, Partner

Rodney specialises in pattern making, mould design, SolidWorks® library compilation, reverse engineering, weldment design, detail drafting and advanced SolidWorks® skills. He was a patternmaker for over ten years before joining Quadro Design in 2004 as a trainee.  Rod’s practical background ensured a quick uptake and rapid progression.

Since Rod’s appointment as a Junior Partner he has been responsible for a number of projects, including the development of the rubber lining systems for the Prominent Hill project and the design of a side tipper trailer.

Quadro Design’s objective is to not just provide design and drafting services to Western Australian businesses, but to be an independent training service and engineering design house, providing a resource base that other SolidWorks® users can draw on.

Be it for in-house or site based work, all personnel are trained to Quadro Design’s strict training standards thus ensuring that the personnel working on your task are correctly skilled for your workscope.

Paul de Blank | Senior Drafting Manager, Partner

Paul has over ten years experience at Quadro Design and his main focus is in the Oil & Gas industry, using SolidWorks Routing-Piping to produce diesel and lube oil farm tank layouts, installation documentation and fabrication drawings. His work also includes chemical injection pump-equipment skids, new and existing pipe work upgrades on mining sites.

Paul also has experience in managing Steel Structural projects including, workshops & general structures. Seeing projects through from start to finish with high level attention to detail, documentation and data management have been his strengths.

Cain Falconer | Lead Designer

Cain’s boilermaking and sheetmetal experience brings a wealth of practical design knowledge to Quadro Design.

His practical manufacturing skills have been responsible for product development of specialised equipment, geo survey equipment, booms, winches and down hole tools.

Merry Owen | Retired Partner

He spent 22 years in the Navy as a Marine Engineer, including three+ years as an instructor at the Marine Engineering school as the Senior Diesel Instructor.  After leaving the Navy, Merry was a Project Engineer at a very large fabrication shop, specialising in boilers and pressure vessels.  He started using SolidWorks in 1997 (as MAKO Engineering) and did a period of  ‘on the job’ training with Jack at 3D Innovations. One of the first projects undertaken with SolidWorks was the re-design of a range of package boilers from 3,000 to 10,000 KW, for Tomlinson Boilers, with each boiler consisting of over 6000 parts, these boiler models were then utilised in a large number of single & multi-boiler installations.

Merry was the first SolidWorks® user in Australia to purchase the Piping add-in to be able to do the boiler installations, and along the way, developed an extensive library of piping models which he subsequently sold to the SolidWorks Corporation.

Jack & Merry were working together (just before commencing Quadro Design Pty Ltd) when ‘weldments’ was first introduced by SolidWorks® (we were beta testing the soon to be released SW 2004) and not only adopted it with a passion, but created a very extensive weldment library (in conjunction with Intercad, who developed the macro to speed up the process).  After becoming Quadro, we pursued this passion, developing a weldment course and writing a training manual.

Merry specialised in boiler and pressure vessel design, plant layout, weldment design, SolidWorks® library compilation, SolidWorks® piping, reverse engineering, technical training, detail drafting, marine engineering, technical writing and advanced SolidWorks® skills.