SolidWorks® Business Integration

On-site implementation & advanced training

Quadro Design offers training to companies that have recently purchased SolidWorks® or companies that are struggling to achieve the anticipated design & drafting improvements over their previous 2D CAD programme.

Utilising the extensive skills & experience of the team at Quadro Design, we are able to objectively review a company’s current SolidWorks® and computer setup, the use or adequacy of part, assembly & drawing templates, their personnel’s skills, use of libraries, etc. then make and/or recommend the necessary changes to optimise them.

For companies that are new to SolidWorks® we are also able to work as part of your team on your first project, advising correct techniques and methodologies to achieve accurate & robust models that are easy to modify to suit design requirements.  This ensures that your first project is a success and good practices are entrenched within your team members.

A skilled assessor observes your company’s processes and procedures of design, modelling and data management. A report is then submitted to you detailing areas which require improvement and recommending further training if required.

As part of the training package, Quadro Design supply weldment profiles and piping libraries. In addition, we will set up a number of generic and company specific templates, drawings, parts, assemblies, bom templates, cut list templates, notes etc. This could save your company substantial time and effort in your future projects.

After basic SolidWorks® training we can assist your design & drafting team to get the most out of SolidWorks® as follows:

  • Optimise computers & networks to work in a collaborative environment.
  • Set up part & drawing templates, plus material, part, assembly & weldment profile libraries to speed up many of the otherwise repetitive processes.
  • Work ‘in house’ with your design & drafting team on their first project to help implement and re-enforce ‘best practices’ for designing and detailing with SolidWorks®.
  • ‘On the job’ instruction in advanced techniques, such as:
    o working with large assemblies & sub-assemblies,
    o working with weldments and speeding up the detailing cut list items,
    o working with piping – inc. welded pipe & tube, plus small bore threaded & socket welded systems,
    o use and creation of design tables for parts & assemblies with multiple configurations,
    o working collaboratively on a large project,
    o assist with the compilation of design & drafting department procedures, etc.

Quadro Design also offers advanced SolidWorks® training covering project specific and ad-hoc training onsite.

Along the way, Quadro Design has been instrumental in assisting a number of companies and individuals with their entry into SolidWorks® – this has ranged from full review & onsite training, with follow up phone support, to just setting up some drawing & part templates to help them on their way.

As an example, Merry flew to Adelaide for four days to train three contractors that worked together (recently crossed over from ACAD), and were at various levels of expertise and familiarity with SolidWorks, they were also a mix of designers & detailers.  They typically work on large machine assemblies that consisted of a mixture of weldments, machined components & sheet metal.  After the training they were able to complete tasks and even entire designs in a fraction of the time that they were achieving previously, and at a much higher degree of model stability (see some of their comments below).

At the core of our business ethics is the desire to be recognised as experts in our field and to ensure that our staff and associates become some of the best in the business.

What do our clients say?

SolidWorks® Business Integration