Nicky, Paul and the team at Quadro helped ITT Blakers with work on the Gorgon Project. Quadro transformed the 3D concept drawings into models for FEA analysis and detailed fabrication drawings. They provided a fast turn-around for fabrication changes and bent over backwards to meet our requested deadlines. The project would not have been as successful without the help of the Quadro team.
Roberto Divita | Gorgon Project Pumping Skids

The most significant benefit we gained from working with Quadro was their ability to adapt quickly to the job specific background information. That helped make the design and detailing process as quick as possible.
Dante Travaglini | Danteng Ladle Trailer

Challis and Jabiru went fantastically. We had 2 x Offshore phases, one from Skandi Hawk and the other from Skandi Hercules- both finished their work ahead of schedule and in fact we had to pay for Hercules for 2 days that we didn’t use- the reverse of the normal problem. A major factor in this was us having the drawings and storyboards in such great shape. The efforts you guys have put in for us has been immense, not to mention your patience when we drew up a scheme which we then had to change for one reason or another (yes, there really were reasons). And when we needed something yesterday, hey, it got done yesterday. Just great support all round.
Richard Williams | Challis & Jabiru Abandonment