Danteng – Ladle Trailer

We were recently contracted to assist with the design, analysis, drafting and detailing of a custom trailer to transport a 65t ladle.

The client, Danteng, specialise in design, manufacture and supply of consulting services to the transport and mining sectors. The work scope involved many engineering constraints

  • Balanced load as the ladle was not a symmetric design.
  • New concept.
  • FEA analysis.
  • Heat issues (as the ladle was placed onto the trailer at temperatures above ambient).The design was to focus on the ease of manufacture and assembly.
  • Overall size constraints (the trailer must fit within a limited width guide way for loading and unloading).
  • Tight delivery schedule.
  • Must connect to standard prime mover.

In the end, the client was provided with a design that satisfied their usage requirements, was delivered on-time and on budget.

“The most significant benefit we gained from working with Quadro was their ability to adapt quickly to the job specific background information. That helped make the design and detailing process as quick as possible.” Dante Travaglini

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