Quadro worked in conjunction with Wear Applications & Management Services Pty Ltd (WAMS) to develop a number of patented and innovative products.

WAMskirt – a modular skirt liner system for quick install & maintenance that eliminates confided space entry for liner inspection & replacement.

The task was to overcome liner joint washout problems and make it safer and easier for the maintenance crew on site. Our scope of involvement ran from conception of the solution through to the installation supervision on site.

Concept problems that were overcome:-

  • Hazard reduction
    Originally, maintenance required a ‘Confined Space Permit’  for replacing any of the internal chute liners, plus the access to replace liners was difficult.
  • Time saved
    Reduction of time required to do liner maintenance/ replacement
  • Safety issues
    Difficult access to the sloping wear faces for liner replacement, which previously required scaffolding, is no longer an issue.
  • Economics
    Material specification and design interlocking liner design increased time between replacement.

Working in consultation with specialist third parties has seen positive outcomes and on-going work with Rio Tinto and WAMS to solve other chute issues.


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